!that all you got?

ॐ Ninth Petal

[An ear-splitting screech that could bring the strongest to their knees, resounds through your gollem. It stops before the speakers within its mechanism are damaged beyond repair. By the time you compose yourself your gollem is broadcasting.


Collapse )

[ooc: I apologize for the length. So many things happen in this segment that, I felt, were important to the premise. TL;DR Allen turns into the 14th. The gollem makes it look as if Kanda ran him through. Feel free to have muses react accordingly.]


ॐ Eighth Petal

I don't know what the fuck you newcomers think this place is but animals are not allowed inside. This isn't a bloody zoo.

[Excited barking and panting can be heard in the background and a 'down beast' from Kanda.]

Someone take care of this damn dog or I'm feeding it to the Yeti.

[ooc: Kanda found a wolf pup Yachiru and is leaving for France. He needs someone to take care of his puppy!]
!sick of...

ॐ Seventh Petal

[Sitting down in front of a half-eaten soba plate, and contemplating the cup he held in his hand, is a very disgruntled Kanda. He's looking very intently at the still very full, swiftly cooling, green tea. He swishes the liquid and even smells it. Kanda is too deep in thought to even notice the golem and, after he came to a conclusion, sets the cup down and pushes it away.]

Damn it. I hate everything.

[ooc: Kanda is still having a hard time trusting the water since the party.]

ॐ Sixth Petal | Mission Status Report

[For security reasons this is just a voice feed. This is filtered to Komui, Reever the exorcists and finders.]

Day one of my mission was fruitless and uneventful.
During day two, the finders were each on their own when I found a record book that, we think, was connected to one of the finder's later disappearance.

Akuma were found.

[Vague? Feel free to ask. Also Roxas went missing.]
!me time

ॐ Fifth Petal

[Recorded mumbling and grumbling. The video feed reveals a clear blue sky and a small green field. The camera angle turns to the side and there, sitting down with a pad and a piece of charcoal, is Kanda. He's staring hard at something and then down at his pad.]

Fuck this shit. Fucking delirious old man. Wasting my fucking time with--

[The piece of charcoal he held breaks in half.]


[ooc: General Theodore has granted his pupil with the important task of drawing something from life. To further appreciate small things or, in Kanda's opinion, some stupid faggy shit like that. He definitely needs to concentrate. Do not disturb him. And by that I mean, go right ahead.]

ॐ Fourth Petal

[A golem starts a feed in the library. It weaves through hallways of bookshelves until it comes into fair distance of Kanda. He's wearing a simple button-up white shirt and black pants- the exorcist coat nowhere to be seen but Mugen is still strapped to his hip. Perhaps, if you look closely, you can see a familiar bandanna wrapped around his hair in a low ponytail.

Kanda is looking through books- an unusual sight- and a couple of them lay on a table near him. The golem perches on top of a bookcase and its far enough so you can't tell what the titles are.

ॐ Third Petal

The... hell?

[The video feed starts with Kanda's room. But if you take a closer look, you'll notice that that is not the floor tile and Kanda is standing upside-down in the doorway. The golem flies down to its owner and straightens up the feed. Every single piece of furniture was neatly stuck to the ceiling in the same way it should've been on the floor. The golem flies across the room and spots a pretty hourglass sitting on his desk. Before you can really get a closer look, the feed turns violently and you hear Kanda gasp. Before the feed turns into audio mode, you may have caught a glimpse of Kanda on the floor and the room back to its normal state. But It could've happened too fast for most of you.]

Alright. Which of you fucking clowns did this?!


[ooc:Kanda has to go around with his hair down until he can get ahold of something to keep it up. Don't make fun of it unless you want a threat <3 ]

ॐ Second Petal


Collapse )

[The first thing the golem projects is a video of Kanda facing the scorpions


“The front gate is being attacked as well. If you value your life, stay away if you can't make a stand.”


[The last thing seen on the video is Kanda jumping out of the way as two stingers lunge at him.]


[ooc: If anyone wants to join Kanda, jump in! When your character arrives they'll find 2 dead scorpions out of 5. Kanda will be trying to kill a third one but has been stung and is having difficulties. So far, none had passed him.


ॐ First Petal


Oy, Komui.

When is Mugen going to be ready? I can't train with the shitty swords in the arsenal. They all fall apart.

And who the hell is in charge of crowd control? There's all sorts of weird shit coming through the portal.

[Kanda caught a glimpse of Toothless.]